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⚜ Mazing is an action-platform game that uses Procedural Generated maps and biomes ⚜

0️⃣ The Game:
You're an athletic runner that has to find the secret crystal hidden in the corridors of a giant neon Building.
Through quick mechanics and good orientation you have to catch it in the least amount of time as possible, with the help of a simple arrow, that tells you the direction of the objective.

1️⃣ The Code:
Mazing uses a complex Wave Function Collapse to create 3D worlds, .......

2️⃣ The Future:
For now this is just a simple Tech Demo, however our team is motivated to improve and build a fully developed game. Here are some ideas that are already being implemented:
- 2 more levels with moving platforms and different architecture models.
- 2 power ups, to help the player navigate faster through the level.
- 2 new game modes, Survival Climb and Catch me if you can.
- AI enemy that runs away from the player, while this one tries to catch it.
- Raising water level, that the player must avoid.
- Menus and UI.

3️⃣ All art was created by us and it was made using Unity Engine.

🧡 Made by a team at GameDev Técnico.


RamForestRam.zip 26 MB

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